Pixel Logic began in 1995, when two refugees from network news left New York, in search of a saner pace of work, and a warmer climate in which to manage it. Where else to go but the southernmost city in the continental United States, Key West?

But it was a far cry from Margaritaville. The Florida Keys are teeming with museums, historical attractions and scientific research facilities, along with world-famous festivals and events. That translates into networks from around the world doing stories on the Keys, and a tourism industry spending in excess of 25 million dollars each year to get their message out. And Pixel Logic was the company they turned to. Broadcast and cable networks came to us for producing, camera, and editing services. Corporate, government, and non-profit clients came to us for marketing videos, video news releases, and historical documentaries.

Our scope soon extended beyond the Keys and Florida, providing camera crews, editing and producing services to broadcast, cable, and corporate ciients around the country. Along the way, we garnered numerous awards, including a CINE Golden Eagle and several Telly Awards.

We eventually returned to our New York-area roots, and today Pixel Logic continues to bring outstanding work to both broadcast and non-broadcast clients. In addition to providing "traditional" media services, we develop content for the web and other media outlets.

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