Pixel Logic combines the strength of traditional storytelling with a thorough understanding of new technologies and the emerging markets growing around those technologies. This means that, in addition to providing traditional video services, we can guide clients through the many new avenues of distribution.

For non-broadcast clients, we produce display videos for museums, and marketing and fundraising videos for corporations and non-profits as well as video news releases and live shots. Our in-house camera and editing equipment give us control over technical quality.

But producing the video is, in many cases, only the beginning. We can also help analyze and implement various methods of distribution, from copying to DVD, to in-house and on-site projection, to Internet and mobile video distribution.

This goes well beyond the obvious, "hey, let's put a video on the web." It means keeping current on technology issues, such as video compression and delivery models, and knowing what percentage of the audience is actually utilizing various platforms. It also means keeping current on audience trends and marketing opportunities - even whether it makes sense in a cost-benefit analysis.

We are currently developing projects utilizing new technology, including a "tv channel' on the web. But we never lose focus on the fact that technology is only a method of delivery - it is the story that is most important.

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